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Known Space

This page shows all the "Known Space" of the hypergrid worlds. Known space is term used by Larry Niven in his futuristic sci-fi novel "Ringworld", so here I use as a term for all Opensimulator-based, hypergrid accessable systems, including the Dreamworlds.

All data is gathered and tested by the grid crawler, along with data from the Dreamworld version of Opensim's Dynamic DNS and diagnostics system. Both Hypergrid and non-hypergrid worlds are included, and counted differently.

The full list in searchable, sortable form is also available.

Something missing? Please help! You can add a grid to the list by adding the login URI here, such as "". Please add a short description, too. The rest of the data will be gathered by the Hyperica webcrawler within an hour.


Total grids ever counted: 3033
Total grids online : 354


Dreamworld Opensim Version: = 728
Dreamworld Opensim Version: 0 = 4
Dreamworld Opensim Version: = 440
Dreamworld Opensim Version: 0.9.0 = 133
Dreamworld Opensim Version: 0.9.0 2018-06-07 #38e937f91b08a2e52 = 5
Dreamworld Opensim Version: 0.9.0 2018-06-07 %2338e937f91b08a2e52 = 79
Dreamworld Opensim Version: 0.9.0 2019-08-02 #5b39860573 = 345
Dreamworld Opensim Version: 0.9.1 = 129
Dreamworld Opensim Version: Server Release Notes #defa235859889dbd = 469
Dreamworld Opensim Version: 2019-12-03 14:27 #5c5e4bd8304dbb607a = 80
Dreamworld Opensim Version: 066a6fbaa1 (changes on lludp acks and resends, 2019-12-18) = 621

Diagnostic results

These numbers represent the last known tests run at the Dreamworld client. Each Dreamworld has a unique, permanent, anonymous number. The first time the end user starts the system, this anonymous data is generated. It is updated if the diagnostics are run manually. But the end user can open ports, fix it to work after a fail, and never run diagnostics again. So these represent the last reported state of the machine, not whether the diagnostic is currently working.

Loopback Pass: 466
Loopback Fail: 1406
UpNP Pass: 178
UpNP Fail: 361

Hypergrid Status

This section is a raw count, over all time.

Total Hypergridabble Grids: 1196 - sum of remote HG-capable grids, these reported a functioning get_grid_info at one time or another. They reported a HG gateway is available. They may be closed off partially.
Total Private Grids: 1837 - Offline, or cannot be reached as they were or are on a private IP or blocked by a firewall. One example is a Dreamworld behind a firewall.

Online sims

These are bot-verified as having open ports and a running Opensimulator. This test runs every hour if the grid is online. All offline grids are re-tested every 4 hours, so a momentary to a few hours of downtime may not be spotted.

Online Dreamworlds: 156 - HG-accessable Dreamworld systems that reported a functioning get_grid_info in the last hour.
Online Grids: 354 - Total grid count that can be reached
Percentage Dreamworld: 44.1%


This table shows the monthly statistics for Dreamworlds and all Known Space.

Date Online
% DW
Jan 201 183 52.3
Feb 351 181 66.0
Mar 245 180 57.6
Apr 239 176 57.6
May 423 169 71.5
Jun 551 153 78.3
Jul 188 166 53.1
Aug 74 160 31.6
Sep 1619 157 91.2
Oct 266 549 32.6

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