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Phantom AV The_Simple_Method_to_Phantom_Av_by_  


The Simple Method to Phantom Av by Beatfox Xevious-STEP TWO.lsl

Category: Phantom AV
By : Beatfox Xevious
Created: 2010-01-10 Edited: 2010-01-10
Worlds: Second Life

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2 //The Simple Method to Phantom Av by Beatfox Xevious-STEP TWO
5 //After saving the script, unlink the prims and delete the one you put the script in. The remaining prim should now act like a phantom prim, even though it's not set to phantom. Next, place the following script in it:
9 default { state_entry() { llListen(1, "", llGetOwner(), ""); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if(message == "phantom on") { llSetScale(<.4, .4, .4>); llSetScale(<.5, .5, .5>); } else if(message == "phantom off") { llResetScript(); } } }
13 //Finally, attach the prim. Type "/1 phantom on" to turn on phantom mode, and "/1 phantom off" to turn it off. That's all there is to it! Note that this is intended for flying only; it can do some pretty funky stuff in walk mode. // END //

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