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Particles Special_Particle_Sensor_Instruction  


Special Particle Sensor Instructions [NOTECARD] .lsl

Category: Particles
By : Ama Omega
Created: 2010-01-10 Edited: 2010-01-10
Worlds: Second Life

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Get file # 1. Special_Particle_Sensor_Instruction_1.lsl
2 Special Sensor Apparatus: Points and emits particles at a target.
3 Hello everyone!
4 In responce from popular demand in this thread, I created an apparatus to point at and emit particles at a sensed target. This is useful if you want to easily find an object via a visual cue.
6 This apparatus requires 17 objects, one brain object, the parent of the linked set, and 16 pointer objects.
8 See the attachment for an example of the setup. (The white cube is the brain, the cones are the pointers).
10 Scripts
12 The Brain Script:
13 =======
14 See: Special Particle Sensor "Brain"
15 =======
17 The pointers' script:
18 (put one of these in every pointer)
19 =======
20 See: Special Particle Sensor "Pointer"
21 =======
22 To activate the apparatus:
24 Say
26 #find <objectName>
28 Examples:
29 #find Object
30 Emits particles and points at all things within range named "Object".
32 #find Christopher Omega
33 Emits particles and points at all things within range named "Christopher Omega"
35 Say:
36 #reset
37 To reset the particle emitters to their default rotations, and turn off their particle systems.
39 Enjoy
41 ==Chris
42 // END //

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