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Pose Balls antiposeball_5_help_NOTECARD  


antiposeball 5 help [NOTECARD] .lsl

Category: Pose Balls
By : Anonymous
Created: 2010-01-10 Edited: 2010-01-10
Worlds: Second Life

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Get file # 1. antiposeball_5_help_NOTECARD_1.lsl
2 The Antiposeball 5 script allows you to add postures and sit targets to objects WITHOUT requiring a poseball. What happens is:
4 1) Add the script to an object like a couch. If you want a pose, add it first
5 2) Rez a regular plywood cube and sit on it
6 3) Say /300 <posename> . Use sit for the standard pose, and all builtin poses work.
7 Multiple should also work, just put a ", " between them, the should go through once..
8 4) Accept when the object asks to animate your avatar
9 5) Move the cube you are sitting ion into position, so that it looks the way you want
10 6) Say /300 done
11 7) Sit on the object (it's a simple 2 seconds adjustment with minimal extra work on your part)
12 8) You're done! Just delete the cube you used for adjusting yourself.
14 Note that if you're preparing a particular prim in a linked set in this manner, be consistant. Sit on THAT prim when it asks you to sit..// END //

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