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Email when rezzed Emails_when_an_object_is_rezzed  



Category: Email when rezzed
By : Insouciant Yue
Created: 2010-01-10 Edited: 2010-01-10
Worlds: Second Life

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2 // Phone Home
3 // Insouciant Yue May 2008
4 //
5 // This script can be put inside a container object with other objects "goods" to be sold.
6 // When the owner rezzes this object, it will issue an invite to the "vendor's customer support/information
7 // SL group" [see line below to set] and then (secretly) send an email to an address [see line below to set]
8 // to report that the customer has indeed received this container object (and presumable other contents sold
9 // to them). The email will also contain the location and you can get the date/time as well. After the email
10 // is sent (which has a 20 second delay built in by LSL), then this script deletes itself.
11 //
12 // Set this script to NOMOD NOCOPY to keep it hidden. If revealed, the customers could get upset at being
13 // "spyed upon" or even learn of your email address and put it on a spammers list
15 // The next 3 paragraphs should be "set up" for your situation. They do NOT need to be changed every time
16 // for each customer, etc. Just initially before you drop this script into the objects for sale. The object will name
17 // themselves in the emails to you, so you can use the same script (after setting it up) for different sales.
19 string vendor_email = "";
20 // CHANGE to your email address here (inside the quotes) where you want to receive the confirmations.
21 // Free email from @YAHOO.COM has been confirmed to work, but you can use any valid email address.
22 // I'd suggest a dedicated "sales verification" free email though soley for this purpose in case it is disclosed.
23 // The customer should NOT see this (nor anyone without full MOD privs on this script).
25 string group_uuid = "11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111";
26 // This NEEDS to be changed to the Seller's Customer Support/Info group's UUID.
27 // With recent changes in SL, it is harder to find a group's UUID, but there are some tools that help.
29 string join_message = "Click here to join our SL customer support group:";
30 // This is displayed when the link to join your group is given
33 // Don't modify anything below... unless you fully understand what happens.
35 string content = ""; // null initialize
36 key owner = ""; // null initialize
38 default
39 {
40 on_rez(integer start_param)
41 {
42 llOwnerSay( join_message + " secondlife:///app/group/" + group_uuid + "/about");
43 // send invite to group as a link for the recipient to click
45 content = llKey2Name( llGetOwner()) + " has rezzed " + llGetObjectName() ;
46 //build up something to send (owner of prim and message and object name)
48 llEmail( vendor_email, content, content );
49 // sends an email of subjext line "content" and body "content" to "ventor_email"
52 // delete this script from within the container
53 }
54 }

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