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Donation Box DONATION_BOX__Original_Version  


DONATION BOX - Original Version by Nada Epoch and Friends.lsl

Category: Donation Box
By : Nada Epoch
Created: 2010-01-10 Edited: 2010-01-10
Worlds: Second Life

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Get file # 1. DONATION_BOX__Original_Version_by_N_1.lsl
2 //Keknehv Psaltery Updated Version of DONATION BOX By jean cook, ama omega, and nada epoch Debugged by YadNi Monde (LoL) Yea, that s a Bunch O Peeps =)
4 //Summary: The following script will make an object accept donations on your behalf.
5 //Usage: stick it on any object you own(my favorite is a top hat), and it will promptly display:
6 //"<your name>'s donation hat.
7 //Donate if you are so inclined."
8 //at which point anyone can right click on it and give you a tip. also, the script tells the donator thanks, and then tells you who donated how much
9 //also shows the total amount donated
13 integer totaldonated;
14 string owner;
16 default
17 {
18 on_rez( integer sparam )
19 {
21 }
23 {
24 owner = llKey2Name( llGetOwner() );
25 llSetText( owner + "'s donation hat.\nDonate if you are so inclined!\n$0 Donated so far",<1,1,1>,1);
26 }
28 money(key id, integer amount)
29 {
30 totaldonated+=amount;
31 llSetText( owner + "'s donation hat.\nDonate if you are so inclined!\n$" + (string)amount + " Donated so far",<1,1,1>,1);
32 llInstantMessage(id,"Thanks for the tip!");
33 llInstantMessage(owner,llKey2Name(id)+" donated $" + (string)amount);
34 }
35 } // END //

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