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Attachment Did_I_just_log_in  


This is a basic test of whether a prim rezzed at about the same time as the avatar.

Category: Attachment
By : Ferd Frederix
Created: 2013-03-05 Edited: 2013-03-05
Worlds: Second Life

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This script by Ferd Frederix may be used in any manner, modified, and republished.  Unless specified otherwise, my scripts are always free and open source.  Objects made with these scripts may be sold with no restrictions.  All I ask is that you point others to this location should they ask you about it and to not sell this script, unless it is for $0 L. Please help improve my work by reporting bugs and improvements.

1 // Based on a post by Innula Zenovka
2 // Copyright Linden Lab
3 //
5 vector v;
7 default
8 {
10 {
11 // in case you need to do something when reset
12 }
14 on_rez(integer p){
16 if(v.z == 1.9){//almost certainly just logged in
17 llSetTimerEvent(1.0);
18 }
19 else {
20 // The prim was rezzed or attached.
21 }
22 }
26 timer(){
28 if(v.z!=1.9){
29 llSetTimerEvent(0.0);
30 // the prim was rezzed when attached to an avatar
31 }
32 }
33 }

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