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Access List Double Check Scan
Dialog Dynamic_Dialog_Menu_Template
Inventory Giver Landmark__Notecard_Giver__Group_Inv
Invisibility Prims_Visible_When_Running
Movement Parachute Platform Script // Mango Wylder
Movement Try it on a prim with the following dimensions // X = .01 Y = 5.0 Z =5.0
Movement Up down script
Online Indicator Make these changes to Kristy Fanshaw's Excellent Online Indicator script // Added this after line 99 // llMessageLinked(2, 16, "Turn On", ""); // Added this after line 105 // llMessageLinked(2, 16, "Turn Off", "");
Security Mango Wylder's Security Orb
Security Usage and instructions
Security Remove_Imposters_Revisted
Teleport Drop this script into a hud

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