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Pose Balls This script began when I wanted to write my own poseball script and learn more LSL in the process. It evolved as I added features to move it beyond a simple, one-prim poseball script. Since I perform SL burlesque, this has led to further development and the script has turned out to be very useful. // The script now works for a linked prim (e.g., a poseball linked to a burlesque set, v1.5) and for multiple such poseballs linked together (e.g., poseballs for a group burlesque act, all linked to the set, v1.6 and 1.7). // All options are controlled by global variables (located immediately below the title box). They're labeled for easy use. You can enable/disable and modify hover text that automatically hides when you click/sit on the object (very useful for assigning people to specific poseballs in a group act). Use "\n" for multiple lines of hover text (if needed). You can enable/disable hiding of the object on click/sit (normal poseball operation). You can also modify the position of your avatar while performing the animation (via sittarget offset and sittarget rotation - useful for different animations). // I've tested the script for the identified functionality and it appears to work correctly. If anyone has any recommendations, either for the existing code or additional features, please let me know! // (And fwiw, the forum posting totally destroyed my title box formatting. Ugh.) // EDIT: Btw, the reason I have the normal poseball function (object hiding) available as a toggle is for flexibility. For example, I used a version of this script for an object in a burlesque set of mine to trigger a snow angel animation. In that case, I didn't want the object/prim to hide - I just wanted click-sitting on it to trigger the animation (with me in the proper orientation). // // Copyright © 2009 Linden Research, Inc. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 unless otherwise noted.

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