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Map This script uses the "Media on a Prim" feature. The following requirements should be met: // // - Viewer 2 or higher (or similar third-party viewer like Firestorm) // - Auto-play enabled in Preferences, Sound & Media // // FEATURES // // - Menu-controlled // - Display any region map // - Map updates every 12 hours // - Zoom in or out // - Map teleporter // - Access control: owner, group, world // // LIMITATIONS // // - Media prims may cause performance problems if not used sparingly // - Because of several unsupported hacks, the script cannot be guaranteed to work forever // - If something does break, the script may temporarily or permanently disable the zoom feature // - If the requested map tile does not exist on (but the region exists and is online), // the server will return a "NoSuchKey" error and display it on the prim. The map tile should be available // within 24-48 hours // // PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER // // A media prim cannot be touched in the usual way, so a bit of trickery is needed to make it work. // // 1. Create two plywood cubes (Shift+drag), link them and leave some space in between // 2. Drop the script on the linked object and read the instructions // 3. Resize and/or texture as needed // // The end result should be like a painting covered by a sheet of glass. If you decide to add a frame, make // sure the media prim is the last one you touch before linking. That way, it will always end up as the root. // The map will always be displayed on face 1 of the root prim, no matter where the script is.

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