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Email The script
Email To use this module, copy and paste the above into a script and name it "EmailModule". The script requires ChatCodec in the same object's inventory. To send emails, an object named "email" must be in the same object's inventory as EmailModule. The object named "email" must also contain ChatCodec and the script below:
Email // Here's an example script that utilizes this module:
Lists This script allows you to store data in lists as you would in a C++ or Java multidimensional array. It is a bit more flexible than those language's arrays, since it allows you to dynamically resize each dimension; You don't have to define the size of the array before you use it. If you ever ran into the "Runtime Error: Lists cannot contain lists" message and really needed a list within another, this is what you can use. // // For example, say you had a chessboard with each square a different color. Your script can refer to each color using a two-dimensional array; one number for the row another for the column of the particular color.
Lists Getting an element at index [1, 5, 2, 9], in an array "A" translates to: // Get list at index 1 in A, call this B, // Get list at index 5 in B, call this C, // Get list at index 2 in C, call this D, // Return element at index 9 in D. // // And here are the functions :)
Particles Special Particle Sensor _Brain_.lsl

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