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NPC Preview a series of NPC appearance notecards.
NPC NPC Controller
NPC Paramour Multi-Purpose NPC Rez & Pose//:License: Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. //CODE: // Paramour Multi-Purpose NPC Rez & Pose // by Aine Caoimhe (Mata Hari)(c. LACM) April 2015 // Provided under Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. // Please be sure you read and adhere to the terms of this license: // // - Place this script in any object // - Optionally set a different target for the NPC to sit on when rezzed // - Optionally set the script to auto-rez an NPC if there is a notecard in inventory to use for the NPC's appearance (autorez will occur on script reset or region restart) // - Optionally, add one or more animations for the NPC to use if controlling animations from this object. If more than one is found the NPC will cycle through them // - Optionally, add one NPC notecard with the name ".NPCxxp Firstname Lastname" to the object. If more than one is found, the first one will be used. If none are // found the toucher's appearance is used and (optionally) stored to the object // The name conforms to the PMAC sytem NPC naming convensions where xx is used to sort the card order and p is the permission seting where A=all, G=group, and O=owner // but these permission settings are ignored by this script nor is there any error-checking for them -- your card will work as long as it is 3 words where the first word // begins with ".NPC" (dot then capital letters N P C) // // If you change the contents of the object (add/remove animations or notecards) you MUST reset the script to pick up those changes // If the object containing the script is worn, it is disabled // If the script is controlling a NPC, touching the object will remove the NPC // If the script isn't controlling a NPC, touching the object will rez the NPC either from notecard or via cloning the toucher // If a NPC is found standing on this object when reset, the script will assume control of that NPC. It can't do that for NPCs on other targets so remember // to remove one before resetting this script. If you accidentally strand a NPC, use the Paramour NPC Manager to remove it. // // OSSL functions required: // osIsUUID() // osIsNpc() // osNpcCreate() // osNpcRemove() // osTeleportAgent() if rezzing to a target that is more than 10m away from the object containing this script // osAvatarPlayAnimation() if the option to animate the NPC is being used // osAvatarStopAnimation() if the option to animate the NPC is being used // osAgentSaveAppearance() if the option to store toucher appearance is being used // // USER SETTINGS integer ownerOnly=TRUE; // TRUE = only owner can touch to rez/remove NPC; FALSE = anyone can integer hideInUse=TRUEE; // TRUE = set this object to invisible when a NPC is being controlled by it (useful when using this as a hidden poseball though then you'll have to // remember where you placed it); FALSE = don't hide this object. Note if this is part of a linkset only this prim is hidden key target=1b600ed6-c416-457c-bae0-7f3397befa42""; // supply the key of the object you want the NPC to sit on or leave empty ("") to have the NPC sit on this object integer animateNpc=FALSE; // TRUE = this object will handle animations if one or more are found in inventory; FALSE = another script will handle aniamtions float animationTimer=60.0; // If this script is handling animations and more than one is found, how often to switch to the next animation (it also does a presense check) integer randomAnim=TRUE; // If more than 1 animation is found in inventory, play animations in random order (list will be re-randomized after each has played once) integer autoRez=TRUE; // TRUE = if there is an appearance notecard in inventory, auto-rez that NPC any time the region restarts or this script is reset; FALSE = only rez on touch integer storeToucher=TRUE; // TRUE = if there is no appearance notecard in inventory, store the toucher's appearance when cloning them (subject to permission from the target) string floatyText="Paramour Multi-Purpose NPC Rez & Pose"; // text to have floating above the object or supply an empty string ( "") for none vector floatyTextColour=<1.000, 0.906, 0.502>; // LSL vector colour to use for the text (<0.0, 0.0, 0.0> = black, <1.0, 1.0, 1.0> = white) // // * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * // DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING BELOW HERE UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING // * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * list anims; integer indAnim; key npc=NULL_KEY; string npcToRez; string firstName; string lastName; integer myChannel; integer handle; startAnimation() { buildAnimList(); if (llGetListLength(anims)==0) return; string anToPlay=llList2String(anims,indAnim); key dontStop=llGetInventoryKey(anToPlay); osAvatarPlayAnimation(npc,anToPlay); list anToStop=llGetAnimationList(npc); integer stop=llGetListLength(anToStop); while (--stop>=0) { if (llList2Key(anToStop,stop)!=dontStop) osAvatarStopAnimation(npc,llList2String(anToStop,stop)); } if (llGetListLength(anims)>1) llSetTimerEvent(animationTimer); } doRezNpc(key clone, integer perm) { if (npcToRez=="") { if (storeToucher) { if (!perm) { myChannel=0x80000000|(integer)("0x"+(string)llGetKey()); handle=llListen(myChannel,"",clone,""); llSensorRepeat("",clone,AGENT,32.0,PI,60.0); llDialog(clone,"This object would like your permission to clone and store your appearance to a NPC notecard. Will you permit this?\nA no response will be assumed if you don't respond within 60 seoncds",["YES","NO","CANCEL"],myChannel); return; } else { getNameData(clone); osAgentSaveAppearance(clone,npcToRez); llSleep(0.25); // give a little time to store the data and have it register to prim's inventory } } else { getNameData(clone); npcToRez=clone; } } else if (llGetInventoryType(npcToRez)!=INVENTORY_NOTECARD) { llRegionSayTo(clone,0,"Unable to locate the expected appearance notecard in inventory. Perhaps you deleted it without resetting the script? Resetting the script now. Please wait a moment, then touch me again to resume"); llResetScript(); return; } npc=osNpcCreate(firstName,lastName,llGetPos()+<0.0,0.0,2.0>,npcToRez,OS_NPC_SENSE_AS_AGENT); if (hideInUse) { llSetLinkAlpha(LINK_THIS,0.0,ALL_SIDES); llSetText(floatyText,floatyTextColour,0.0); } vector targetPos=llGetPos(); if (target=="") target=llGetKey(); else if (target==NULL_KEY) target=llGetKey(); else if (osIsUUID(target)) { list data=llGetObjectDetails(target,[OBJECT_POS]); if (data==[]) { llRegionSayTo(clone,0,"Unable to find the target specified in the script in this region. Using this object as the target instead"); target=llGetKey(); } else targetPos=llList2Vector(data,0); } else { llRegionSayTo(clone,0,"Your target does not appear to be a valid key. Using this object as the target instead"); target=llGetKey(); } if (llVecDist(targetPos,llGetPos())>10.0) osTeleportAgent(npc,targetPos+<0.0,0.0,2.0>,ZERO_VECTOR); osNpcSit(npc,target,OS_NPC_SIT_NOW); if (animateNpc) { llSleep(0.25); // have to wait for the LSL sit animation to register to the npc's animation list startAnimation(); } } getNameData(key name) { list nameParsed=llParseString2List(llKey2Name(name),["."," "],[]); firstName=llList2String(nameParsed,0); lastName=llList2String(nameParsed,1); if (firstName=="") firstName="Noname"; if (lastName=="") lastName="NPC"; npcToRez=".NPC00A "+firstName+" "+lastName; } buildAnimList() { anims=[]; integer i=llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_ANIMATION); while (--i>=0){ anims=[]+[llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ANIMATION,i)]+anims; } if (randomAnim) anims=[]+llListRandomize(anims,1); indAnim=0; if (llGetListLength(anims)==0) llOwnerSay("WARNING! Script is set to handle animations but none could be found in inventory. NPC will play stock SL sit animation"); } findNpcToRez() { npcToRez=""; firstName=""; lastName=""; integer i; while ((npcToRez=="") && (illGetListLength(anims)) { indAnim=0; if (randomAnim) anims=[]+llListRandomize(anims,1); } string animToStart=llList2String(anims,indAnim); if (animToStart!=animToStop) { osAvatarPlayAnimation(npc,animToStart); osAvatarStopAnimation(npc,animToStop); } } touch_start(integer num) { if (llGetAttached()) return; key toucher=llDetectedKey(0); if (ownerOnly && (toucher!=llGetOwner())) { llRegionSayTo(toucher,0,"Sorry, you don't have permission to use this"); return; } if (npc==NULL_KEY) doRezNpc(toucher,FALSE); else if (llGetAgentSize(npc)==ZERO_VECTOR) { npc=NULL_KEY; llSetTimerEvent(0.0); doRezNpc(toucher,FALSE); } else { osNpcRemove(npc); npc=NULL_KEY; llSetTimerEvent(0.0); llRegionSayTo(toucher,0,"NPC removed"); if (hideInUse) { llSetLinkAlpha(LINK_THIS,1.0,ALL_SIDES); llSetText(floatyText,floatyTextColour,1.0); } llResetScript(); } } }

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