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When people start asking questions about Second Life like "What can you do there?" I pause a moment, load this page up, say "Stuff like this". Stay with me
Surreal imagary by Bryn Oh, filmed at the World Expo Shanghai event sim, with music by Moby

The Time Traveler

A sponsored web series. The cost of this video was around $1,500 a minute.

Little Red Riding Hood
The classic, by Toxic Menges

A beautiful movie of Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night in Second Life
This sim, sadly, no longer exists. It was built to make this film. Thank you, Robbie Dingo, for a video that makes me cry when I see it.

**16,000 views in just 3 months..
Join former British Marine Adam Stekle as he demonstrates how to survive in the harsh regions of Second Life!

*Disclaimer: Adam does not receive any aid from his camera crew while filming on location. Only in the event of an extreme life or death situation will the production team intervene to give medical attention....

and now Part 2

Hitler explains Second Life, as the CEO of Linden Labs
There are no more lies!

A man enters his Third Life inside of Second Life
This is a KitKat Candy Bar commercial of a life inside a life inside a life...

A man discovers who his girl friend really is in Second Life
Want to get beaten up by a man dressed like a chick?

Linden World, aka Second Life, as it was back in 2001
Land forming by shooting? And strange animals that breed! Hey, I have that Primitar outfit!

CSI in Second Life
Help hunt down the strange things that go bump in the night in Second Life

Oh No.. It's .. Griefzilla!
The W-Hat folks from are hilarious.

Second life...for real !!
Oh how I wish it was like this at work.

A great showing of the capabilities of film in Second life
Gorgeous sci-fi work herein. The name of the song is "Second´╗┐ Life", this was made with a 3d animator.

The Something Awful goons are loose in Second Life! Har Har...
The swashbuckling scallywags attack a sim, then sail off into the sunset, to live and raid another day.

The Stolen Child in Second Life, by W.B. Yeats
This was made within the virtual world of Second Life. The poem is The Stolen Child by W.B. Yeats and it is read by Anya Yalin.

Falling, and falling - prize winning

Lindens Lament (Live from the Cornfield
A parody of the issues in Second Life Made in an Open Sim, of course.

Anything goes in Second Life
Scary clowns are here

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