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Convert Wav files into 10 second clips easily for Second Life

Download and install Slice Audio File Splitter from and install it. Once you run it, you will get this screen:



The first thing you need to do is to set some options.

Options: First, click the Options button.

Now select the General Tab. Click the Wav Setting button at the bottom so that the output will be Second Life Compatible. Note: If you use MP3 files to start, you get MP3 files as an output. Before you convert MP3 files, you should save yourself a lot of work by converting MP3 to Wav files first.

General Tab

Select PCM Uncompressed, 44,100 Hz, 16 bit stereo file format and press Okay

Output Details Tab:

I set up output details so the files would all have a unique number at the end. They will then sort correctly in Second Life and play in the correct order. Second Life will sort them alphabetically.

The option to use is %Filename% %%NumberOfDigits%,Autonumber% (copy and paste this into the highlighted field)

Output Details

Add Files

Now that these options are set, you load the original file or file with "Add File" (I selected three separate files here)

Add file

Set the Length

Now set the time to 00:00::10. The scripts require 10 second wav files.

10 second

Browser button Click Browse, navigate to an output folder,

SLICE Then you click SLICE and you are ready to upload your 10 second clips!

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