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Make a breedable pet Troubot Robot toolbox crate for Second Life

This is Part 5 - Making a carry toolbox crate for a breedable pet egg in Second Life.

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Your nuts and bolts cannot live in your inventory. They must be carried in a nuts and boltscrate. A toolbox crate is just a prim with a script and a copy of the nuts and bolts and the Troubot Robot in it. Toolboxes should be given out for free. Each toolbox will carry one nuts and bolt.

Rez a cube and stretch it to make a base:

toolbox base

Now add another cube and set the Taper begin to 1.00:


Position the two to make a toolbox:


Now upload this texture, and set the "Use Lossless Compression" option:

Add this to a prim, type = SCULPTED:


Position the handle over the box top:

box assembled

Color the toolbox "none", or white, as it will take on the colors of the nut and bolt that is stored inside:

assembled and painted

Se the description of the Top of the toolbox to 'color1' and set the description of the bottom of the box to'color2' so that the nut and bolt colors will appear.

Linking the Toolbox

Select the top, handle, then the base and then press ctrl-L to link them together.

Scripting the toolbox

Put a copy of xs_eggcup in the toolbox root prim

Put a copy of the "Nut and Bolt" and a copy of "Troubot" from your inventory in the toolbox.  If you have a male pet and a female pet that are different, you can put both of them into the toolbox and change the names where indicated in the script to get different male and female pets.

Now you can take a copy of it back to inventory.

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