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Tandy's Quest

This is Part 9 - Fairy Magic Sphere. The prior part was Part 8 - Fairy Wand

Magic sphere

Make a spherical prim. Name this object "Tandy's Globe".

Set the size to 1.0 X 1.0 X 1.0 and set the hollow to 95%:


Apply this Ice texture to the sphere in the texture window:

ice texture

Next, we will add a script to move this texture and inflate and deflate the bubble. The bubble script will blow up the bubble when Tandy is flying. It will make the texture slowly move across the face of the prim, and make it flicker. When you land, the bubble will pop.

Attack of the Grey Goo!

A demon is lurking around the corner! The Grey Goo cache demon is trying to ruin Tandys's globe!

/me waves his finger, a small bit of magic appears, and the Grey Goo cache demon is banished from Tandy forever.

Tandy's globe uses small particles that change rapidly, then re-appear. They will look like grey squares as the cache fills up, without this next trick. It should be used by you only for small images and for images that, if grey, would interfere in an effect, like Tandy's nifty little bubble.

Make two cubes and set them next to the globe. Now find the 'spark' textures numbered 1 to 10 in the zip file:


Upload all 10 textures. Put each texture on a side of one of the cubes.

SPark cube trick

Slide these two spheres inside the globe.Now set each cube to 100% alpha so that they are invisible. While they are both selected, press shift and click the globe, then press Ctrl-L to link them.

These textures will now be close to your camera at all times. The viewer cannot tell that they are invisible, so it must keep them ready at all times so you can see them. They will not be discarded from cache and re-fetched over and over.

Add the "Globe Script.lsl" into the Contents tab. It will handle the resizing and popping. One of the magic things this does is to shrink the bubble down when you are walking. This allows you to click things close to your body. It also commands from the Globe script to enable random particles.

Magic effects

Now add all the 'spark' textures to the globe prim inside the Contents tab.

The last step is to add the anti-no-script script to the bubble. Once that script is inside, take it to inventory, wear it by attaching it to your hips. I positioned mine where it just touches the ground:


Fly up in the air and your magic bubble should appear and disappear and spew magic fairy dust.

If your globe is too small or too large, there is a number at the beginning that sets the size of the bubble. a <1,1,1> is a good side for a quater-sized avatar, and a <0.5,0.5,0.5> is great for the tiniest.

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