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Tandy's Quest

This is part 7 - Tandy's Talents. The previous was Part 6 - Wings

She is the daughter of Jewel the Nymph, and puts all the jewels underground in all virtual worlds. You say you haven't see any jewel underground? Did you look? Has Jewel visited your land? Check your visitor logs. Well, anyway, Tandy has inherited the ability to throw jewels around. And her jewels are very hard and very sharp, so they can hurt. In fact, they can push you and cause damage on damage-enabled lands.

Here are Tandy's jewels:



Tandy is still a young girl, so she can also throw tantrums with her talent. And her tantrums can really hurt! A tantrum is a particle spell. You can add more spells to her, too and more objects like jewels, tires, and other fun stuff to throw around.


Later we will use this bits to make a jeweled wand that holds magic spells, even when you are not a tiny fairy. We'll make the wand after we add talents to Tandy.

To make a tantrum, make a sphere and name it "Spell".

Spell sphere

Make this prim invisible with 100% alpha so it is invisible.

Add to the sphere the script named "Spell script.lsl" from the Wand/Tantrum folder.

It should start to glow:

SPhere glowing

Take it to inventory, and put it inside the avatar body where you put all the skins and images. It must be named "Spell". Doing this will activate a new menu item inside Tandy: the Tantrum thrower!

You cannot put objects inside Tandy while you are wearing her. So detach the avatar body (you will turn invisible) and rez the avatar body. Edit it, and put the objects inside her body where the scripts and texture are as you make them.

Now put a copy of the "Tantrum Script for body.lsl" inside Tandy, too.

Upload the animation "punch_onetwo.bvh". Go to File->Upload-> animations and select the animation in the avatar folder. You will get this menu:


Set the Priority to 4 so that this will work with AO's enabled and press upload. You can also replace this animation with any of the hundred or so from this massive animation zip file.

Put the animation into the Avatar along with all the rest of this stuff.

Take a copy of the avatar, wear the Avatar body, and a 'Tantrum' menu item will appear. Click "Tantrum" and select a tantrum, Tandy will shoot out a object or a sphere that shoots sparks and can push over objects, like piles of jewels.

Bouncy Objects

If you make Tandy some more objects and put them inside her, such as tires and shoes, and give them to her, she can also throw them, too. The tires that she found buried underground are my favorite:

Upload using the mesh uploader the tire.dae file and name the tire "tire". You can set physics very low on this tire and also set Level of Detail to all zeros to save on prims. It should come in at 1 prim.


Add to the tire the script in the Wand folder named "Wand\Bouncy Object\Bouncing Object Script.lsl".

Put this tire inside your avatar where you put all the skins and images.

I have also included a large emerald and a traffic cone to toss.

For the Emerald, set it to transparent and add a bit of glow.


Add the Bouncy Object script, and put it inside your avatar body

Traffic Cone:

When you upload the traffic cone, do not set physics to the lowest setting so it can bounce better. Otherwise it will lay on its side.

Traffic COne

Tandy loves Aquamarine and Quartz crystals!

Tandy can pile up large piles of sharp crystals, too, that fall over instead of bouncing.

Upload the aquamarine mesh. I named mine "Aquamarine". Set it to a size that you like in the prim editor. You can make it small or large.

I also set mine to be 10% transparent:


Now set the Physical and Temporary switches on in the Object Tab.

While you are still editing it, press Ctrl-Shift-L to unlink it. Keep it selected, right click the aquamarine, and take a copy. It will appear in your inventory with a special symbol for a coalesced object:

Coalesced object

Put that object inside Tandy's body.

You can also do this to any object made up of prims that you want to pile up and fall over instead of bouncing, such as a fence, or logs, or any multi-prim object that looks good when it comes apart.

You will find a quartz crystal in the same folder as the Aquamarine crystal. Repeat the same procedure for Quartz and put it inside Tandy's body.

Part 8 - Fairy Wand

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