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Tandy's Quest

This is Part 5 - Dressing Tandy . The previous part was Part 4 - Wearing Tandy

We are going to make a dress that can change colors with a single click. It uses a single script for low lag to change all prims on a dress.

This next step will require you to use the Imprudence viewer. Imprudence is an older Third Party Viewer that can upload XML files. You can get it from the Third Party List of approved viewers or from their download page.

It CANNOT see mesh, so your avatar will disappear! But lets not worry.

Install Imprudence and run the application. Log into your world and click the File->Import+Upload button:

Browser to the folder "Skirt" and then "xml skirt files" and select any dress XML file. There is no need to upload them all as we are going to make a dress that can change colors with a single click. You can also choose from many skirts from Linda Kellie in the folder "More Skirts".

Once it uploads, a dress should appear in front of you. This will take about 1 minute.


Take a copy of the skirt to Inventory.

While you are in Imprudence, do the same with one or more of hair sets that is in the Hair folder:

Hair choices

Now log out. You should now log in using a more modern viewer so you can see the mesh avatar.

Finishing the dress

Blue skirt fabric

Edit the dress, and from my zip file, upload and put in all the "XXX Glitter_Skirt Fabric" files from the Skirt folder as shown in this image below:

add skrt files

You can make your own clothing using a standard Second Life template. You can get more details on making clothes in my article about the Second Life Clothes Previewer, which contains a nice set of Open Source clothing templates, skins, and clothes.

The use of file names like this lets my scripts be used without knowing any coding. The downside is you have to be able to spell!

Clothes have to be named "Something or other_Skirt Fabric" to work with my Menu system. The *_Skirt Fabric" is the key part, as everything before that will appear in the menu

Now locate the folder on your hard drive labeled "Skirt". Inside the Skirt Folder is a script named "Skirt Script.lsl". Put that script inside the skirt. It must go into the root prim, which happens by default.

Now that the script is in the skirt, type '/100 menu' and change the color of your Avatar. The avatar clothing should change and the dress should change too.


The skirt will be far too large for this tiny fairy.

The Fix Small Prims script, by Emma Nowhere, is very useful. You can get it from this download link or the zip file.

The procedure is as follows:

1. Install the resizer script in the Skirt
2. Type /1fspsetup to copy scripts into all the prims in the skirt
3. Take the skirt into inventory
4. Re-rez the skirt from inventory, it should say "Tandy's Dress: FixSmallPrims Installed".
5. Select the skirt and choose "Set Scripts to Running in Selection" under the Tools menu:

Your should get a long list of statuses:


Oh, it looks distorted? Good luck with that. The tiniest avatars use such small hair that even a 0.010" minimum distance can cause severe hair loss. The only solution is to work with each piece and carefully place it back where it belongs after each shrink pass, then shrink it again. Or use the quarter-sized avatar like I told you too, grump grump.

6. Type /1fsprun to fix all the small prims
7. Resize the skirt object to the desired size
8. Type /1fspcleanup to remove the scripts from the skirt

If it does not shrink enough, you can repeat steps 7 to reset the prim size so you can resize it smaller. When done, type /1fspcleanup.



You can use almost any modifiable hair on your new avatar. The hair will need to be shrunk down by editing the hair and dragging the resize handles. If the hair will not shrink enough, you can use the same resizerscript you used on her skirt, to make it shrinkable to sizes that are much smaller than normal. However, this will be difficult on the very tiniest avatar!If you are making a very very tiny Tandy, as the hair gets smaller and smaller, it will start to distort. You have to go into Edit Linked Parts and move these manually. The resizer will distort the prims more and more as you get smaller. I have found that the free "Red Run'. hair works well for tinies.

Hair choices

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