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Tandy's Quest

This is part 4 - Time to wear Tandy. The previous step was Part 3 - Scripting

Now take a copy of the avatar to inventory. This is also be a good time in your quest to go into Edit-Appearance and make a copy of your current outfit so you can change back.

Find the copy in inventory and right click and wear it. It makes no difference where you wear it. The default will be the right hand. It is okay to wear it on an unused attachment point, such as lips.

You should look like a tiny person by now. If your old hair and shoes are still on, take them off. Remember to wear the new Alpha layers you created, too.

Type /100 menu to change the base clothes and skin. Later, you will be able to click her wings to get a menu.

Tandy with Blue Glitter

Taking off the avatar.

You will find that after wearing a tiny you may end up with problems taking it off. When you take off the shape and put on a larger, standard avatar, you may be distorted. Parts of this is caused by you wearing the alpha layer. Replace your entire outfit, and you will probably still be all scrunched up. The best solution is to log out and log in again. There are also 'undeformer' animations and scripted objects that can help,.

Part 5 - Dressing Tandy and Adding Hair

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