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Tandy's Quest

Bonus: This is Part 10 - Tandys Tree Stump House. The previous section was Part 9 - Magic Sphere

Tandy has been living underground with her mother Jewel. She's ready to start placing jewels around virtual worlds and make them pretty. But she has really liked working with you and she is no longer afraid of living in the open now that her talent for throwing tantrum is fully developed.

She would love to live with the tree fairies in this little stump of a tree house:

tree house

The huts is 4 prims with the smokestack and door included as separate prims. The total prim count in-world is 19 Prim equivalents including all the flowers.

So lets make her one so the tree fairies and her can live together!

Upload this "lil tree house.dae" mesh house:

Upload the lil tree house

Once you select Open, the mesh uploader appears:

Give it a name and pick Smaller-non-moving etc. You can lower the prims it uses by setting the Level of Detail tabs to all zeros. . It is a multi-parts build, and the mushroom, toadstool and flower can be deleted to save prims.

Give the tree house a name

Select the physics tab and set the physics to Lowest:

Low Physics

Now select the Upload options and check the 'Include Images' box:

Upload Options

Press Calculate and then select Upload.

Find the object in your inventory and rez it in-world.

Editing the hut

You will need to make some edits to the home so Tandy can go inside the home, and we will add a light, some smoke and a special moving door.

Unlink the hut

Unlink the house itself by going into edit mode and selecting Edit Linked Parts. Then press Ctrl+ Shift +L. The hut should light up in yellow.

Hut as root prim

Now make this hut phantom in the Object Tab

Prim surround

Create a new prim and position it at the house. Set it to type = cylinder. Make this prim a little larger than the house.

Prim surround

Now set the prim to a path cut "B" of 0.175 and a hollow of 95%, and rotate it to where it faces forward.

Set the prim to 100% transparent and then select the base of the house ( not the hut) and press Ctrl-L. This prim will let you avatar stay in the house without popping out of it. A tiny is actually a full-sized avatar, so your full-sized feet have to fit inside the house.

Linked Door script:

Upload the animator.lsl script and put it inside the house. The stem of the flower is the outlined in yellow when you edit it. You can unlink the flower pathway if you like. Any prim can be the root prim in yellow except the door.

Now touch the plant and you will get a menu:

Menu 1

Click the "Name" button

Enter the word "close" in the dialog box and press "send"


Now edit the door, go to Edit Linked Parts, and move the door slightly.

Press "Record".

The script will remember this as the door closed position.

Press "Record" again and enter the word "open":

Move the door to an open position, and click "Record"

You will see two new buttons in the menu, for open and close

New menu

Click them and you will see your new door working.

Door script:

Now add the "door script.lsl" to the door. Click the door and it should open and close.

You can save these movements in a notecard in case the script ever gets reset. Click the base again, and click the "Notecard" command. This will send to chat a series of commands that look like this:

notecard dump

Highly all the lines starting from the one that says |start|, press CTRL-C, and paste them into a new notecard named "Movement".

Put this notecard in the same prim that holds the animator script.

Edit the animator script and look on line 6 for this :

	integer runtime = FALSE; // set to TRUE after making the notecard

Change this to TRUE, and the door will be ready to work even if the script is reset.

Smoke script

Add the script "Smokestack.lsl" to the small triangular top of the smoke stack. Also add one of the spark particles to the sameContent tab:

Smoke will come out of the stack:

Smoke stack

Lamp script:

Go to Edit Linked parts, zoom inside and select the emerald lamp.

I made mine 10% transparent and added some glow to it:


Add the script "Light Script.lsl" and place the lamp in the middle of the room. Click it several times to turn the lamp on and off.

And now you have a magical fairy and tree house to go decorate!

~ Ferd Frederiz

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