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This is Part 10 - Fairy AO. The prior part was Part 9 - Fairy Magic Sphere

Make an AO for Second Life and Open Sim

This is Part 10 - Fairy AO . The previous section was Part 9 - Magic Sphere

There are many kinds and types of Animation Overriders in Second Life. The Zhao series is the most popular, but it has issues with speed, lag, and configuration.

Thanks to the fine folks at Wizardry and Steamworks (and a lot of scripting fixes and touch-up work by me), you can have for free a nice AO.

I have two versions for you: A version for the tiny fairy, and a standalone, HUD-based version.

First, you will need to upload the animations. The animations are in the AO folder in my Tandy Avatar zip file, or you can get just the files for this project in the AO Zip file.

Upload each animation : set the Priority to 4 and the loop box should be checked:

Animation upload

If you are making a HUD for the tiny avatar Tandy or the rat avatar, put the animations inside her body along with the AO-II.lsl file and the XAo notecard from the Tandy Zip file in her Avatar folder, and you are done. Just wear Tandy and the AO will operate. Click her wings and you can turn the AO off and on from the menu.


For a standalone, HUD-based AO, you need to make a prim to hold the scripts.

Make a cube for our HUD and set the cube size to 0.080 X 0.080 X 0.080 in size:

Cube 080

Add the AO HUD.lsl script, the HUD Positioner script, and the two images.

Make a notecard and add the contents of the file XAO to it. Add all this to the prim:

Ao completed

Now add the animations to the same prim

Name this object "Fairy HUD" and take a copy of it.

Right click the item in your inventory, and select Attach to Hud and pick a position.

Click the enable the HUD or disable it:

Click it

I have also included a ZHAO-II notecard named "ZHAO-II" (duh) for those who know how to fiddle with the Zhao animators.

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