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Saint Patrick's Day animated Gifs in Second Life

Here are a set of animated GIFs for Saint Patrick's day in Second Life format. These were made using the techniques discussed in this post, using gif_2_SL_animation_v0.6.exe

What it looks like: The image you need to download (right-click and save to disk)
Shamrock DOwnload This image
Dancing Cows Download This
Shamrock Download This
Dancing Download This
Download This Download this
Pot o gold Download This

Right-click and save the texture on the right (not the animated image). Upload it to Second Life, and put it inside a prim in the Objects Contents tab.

Next, get this free script on my free script collection. Add the script and it just works.

You can change the rate at which the animation plays by changing the last number in the name.

Enjoy Second Life and Saint Patricks' Day!

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