Make a Birds Nest using Archipelis for Second Life

How to make an animal and make it move using Archipelis for Second Life

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This is Step 3: Make a Birds Nest using Archipelis for Second Life

Now we are going to make our birds nest in Archipelis. Here is the material we will make the nest from. Save this to disk, and load it into Archipelis.

( click for large image)

It should look like this when loaded into Archipelis:

Now select the Pencil tool and draw a large circle

Now click the Silhouette deformation tool at the far right on the tool bar.

Right-click and grab the top of the bird nest and pull it downwards

Use the arrow on the far left and look at it in 3-D:

We can now use the Deform tool and push the nest inwards:

Continue to reshape the nest with the deform tool until you have a birds nest:

Now save this project in a new folder, and export the data to Second Life:

You will get two images like this:

Or you can get my Zip file to upload.

Now it is time to load the three projects into Second Life!

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