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How to make any prim in seconds with Prim Finder

Just scoot over to Skidz Parts, , and look on the edge of the sandbox:

Prim Finder

You will need to rez a Prim Rezzer. To get yours for free, click the REZ button at the bottom left of the Prim Finder:

Rez Button

Accept the item the button gives you:


Now rez the Prim Finder object it in front of the Prim Rezzer:

Prim Finder Rezzer

Once it is visible, you can select any of the hundreds of possible prim options on the display and then click REZ. The desired prim will appear on top of your prim rezzer, it will spin, change color, and then turn to the default plywood texture.

Here I have selected a nice petal to make a flow:

petal rezzed

Once the texture is seen, you can right-click and take the object and use it in your builds.

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