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Mesh Horse


The Phantasy Equine of Phase is a rideable, poseable free pet for Second Life.

You must wear the horse to ride. Right click and select ADD so it will not replace anything attached to your spelvis.

Touch your equine for the menu. The menu allows you to change the coloration of the hair, the skin, and to display the armor:

The mesh horse is free, and is available in the Unicorn Demesnes in the middle of Phaze Demesnes. This is my third  generation of free equines and took over two years to complete.

. Runs in no-script zones

. Swims when in water

When you first wear the horse, a menu will appear.


. Pose - Lets you pose the horse statically.

. Unicorn/Horse - toggle the unicorn features on and off.

. Camera - Sets a movable camera so you can see better


Colors Menu:


Coat - Change the colors of the skins

SKin colors

Hair - cycles thru various hair colors to match the skin

Saddle - Choose from different saddle colors

Armor - Enable Armor

Pennant - When you have armor on, you can also change the pennants. You can click each pennant to change their colors.

Blanket - change the blanket color.  You can also left-click the blanket or the saddle roll to change their colors.

Camera - Sets a movable camera so you can see better




. Sound On/Off
. Hair - Changes the hair color each time you click
. Saddle - Choose saddle colors.
. Blanket - Select the color of the horse blanket. You can also just left-click the horse blanket to change the color. For bareback riding, you must use the Saddle Menu to disable the saddle. You can also click the bedroll to change the bedroll color.

 Pose - Lets you pose the horse statically.

Pose menu

Effects Menu:


Prints - turn on and off footprints

Glow - Turns on and off the unicorn tip glow

Sound - Turns on and off the sounds

Dust - Turns on and off a trail of dust when walking

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