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Make a Breedable Pet Troubot Robot for Second Life

This article is about how to make a breedable pet Troubot Robot for Second Life using modified XS Pet scripts.

This is Part 1, and it covers a new script that replaces the original xs_ager script found in Xundra Snowpaws Pet Quail. As I add features to these scripts, I will add them to this Troubot Robot.

The original XS Pet aging script had a lot of constants to set the growth of the animal, and was highly specific to the XS Quail in shapes, size, and number of prims. My new script replaces the xs_ager script in any breedable XS Pet. It not longer uses constants, and may be used with any number of prims, and so it can be used in any breedable animal.

The replacement XS Pet Ager script is in the Free Script Library. Just delete the old xs_ager script in your animal and replace it with the new one.

As I finish each section, I will add the tutorials here.

Here is a video showing how the pet Troubot Robot moves, and how the eyes change.

This new xs_ager will let you use any number of prims and/or sculpts. To use it, just replace the old xs_ager with the new xs_ager. I also posted a test file in the zip archive ( in the modified/debug area) that when clicked will make any animal of any number of prims grow 10% per second for 7 seconds ( as in 7 days growth), then reset back to baby sized.

As tyou can see from the above video, walk animation/sleep mode script is now working, which will be the next script posted. It uses the prim animator script from the free lsl scripts site.

I have finished out code in the scripts and make them more modular so that the xs_brain and the others should work on almost any animal without mods.

The xs_brain and other scripts used to color prims by hard coded number, leading to some funny looking animals. I have changed that that to color only on certain 'named' prims.

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