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Bug List for a Breedable Pet Troubot Robot for Second Life

This is a list of all known bug fixes and reported bugs. I

Individual scripts may carry a revision in a comment. I usually carry all revisions via copy and paste of the Global Constants.txt file.

Version 0.23 10-3-2011

Modified code: changed all Link messages to these constants in this file in the Animal (Quail)

removed the YOUR_UUID and replaced it with llGetCreator() in all scripts.

xs_foodbowl_animation modified to show food bowl filling for creator only.

xs_eggcup.lsl - Mod by Ferd removed ban on Ami Pollemis

xs_home.lsl - Mod by Ferd to listen to HOME_CHANNEL, not -237918, the original src has no other reference to that channel.

Checked all link constants against original SVN src - all are okay (update 11-15-2011, no, one was bad, see below )

Version 0.24 11/12/2011 new xs_ager to allow other than Quail

Version 0.25 11/15/2011 xs_breeding: LINK_CALL_MALE_INFO was in error on line 159, was LINK_CALL_MALE, should be LINK_CALL_MALE_INFO

Version 0.26 11/16/2011 Robot changes to make it generic to any animal

Added Sphere world xs_movement.lsl

Added particle effects plug-in

Version 0.27 11/26/2011 Changed egg name to Egg from "XS Egg"

Version 0.28 Fixed permissions in xs_eggcup. Prior rev would not allow other users to package an egg.

Version 0.29 Moonlet to put in orbit around a Sphere World.

Version .30 Upside down ! in Food bowl - reported by Oddball Otoole - It did not empty and get back to full after reset of the scripts.

Version 0.31 xs_movement: Line 237 should be sound_flag = !sound_flag;

Link messages for prim animation were left out due to versionitis

Version 0.32 12-3-2011 all scripts - Added Global flag ENCRYPT for opensim, set to FALSE and no data is encrypted

Version 0.33 12-21-2011 Changed string "XS Egg to "Egg" in xs_brain so they would lay eggs

Version 0.34 2-13-2012 Combined more globals into Global Constants.txt and reordered them for clarity

Version 0.35 5-22-2012 Moved a listener in xs_eggcup, when up_down was set to TRUE the listener was not established, which led to blue eggs.

Version 0.36 7-24-2012 Added Link message so they can be textured

Version 0.37 8-15-2012 added death animation when the pet dies and a plug in for 2 or 3 texture eyes

Version 0.38 9-18-2012 (key) llList2String instead of llList2Key in lots of places for compatibility with key/string conversion in Inworldz type OpenSim

Version 0.39 11-15-2012 xs_cryocrate allows use of xs_texture

Version 0.40 11-26-2012 cleanup a lot of comments, a couple of more globals for tuning,and allow for male and female pets to be different shapes, also a fix for OpenSIm in xs_brain when pet did not rez correctly

Version 0.41 12-3-2012 texture plug in no longer affects texture offset, rotation, or repeats. File changed: xs_texture.lsl

Version 0.42 1-14-2013 xs_ager now sets the correct age=size when unpackaged

Version 0.43 4-10-2013 Lots of casting to fix Opensim 0.7.4 failures to parse llList2Float and llList2Integer when there are strings in the list

Version 0.44 7-19-2013 Age growth bug in xs_ager, pets were not increasing in size when unpacked, or growing too much past maxAge

Version 0.45 7-31-2013 List2Float and list2Integer do not parse strings in Opensim worlds the same. Converted in xs_egg and xs_eggcup

Version 0.46 9-18-2013 xs_breeding now has a new variable to delay getting fertile by 1 day aftre laying an egg.

Version 0.47 12-9-2013 xs_debug missing a comma.

Version 0.48 12-9-2013 texture server changes to stop a divide by zero if no textures were loaded.

Version 0.49 12-26-2013 xs_ager would not grow large pets if packaged after maxAge

Version 0.50 01-30-2013 added an updater so the version of everything changed