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Make Animated Breedable Pet Eyes for Second Life

This article is about how to add special eyes to your breedable pet. There are two sets of eyes for XS Pets now. The other set if a animated set located here.

The eyes that come with the standard Troubot scripts are not always suitable for your virtual pet. The eyes turn black which is fine for a robot, but this not good for other types of pet. Also, the eyes don't change if your pet dies from lack of food.

Here is a new eye script that can change the eyes in several ways:

1) They blink open and closed randomly

2) They shut when sleeping.

3) They change to XX when your pet dies.

4) Particle Z's pop out of the head when the pet is sleeping

Making the eyes

Right click these three images and upload them to Second Life

eyes open

eyes dead

eyes closed

You will need to have a working pet to add these eyes so you need to unpackage a living pet.

Put this script into a head-shaped prim along with the three textures:

Eye plug-in

After you have these eyes blinking and adjusted to fit your pet, put a copy of the pet into a spaceship or crate, package any living pet, and unpack it, and it will be updated and ready to go.

You can set the day/nightime on the sim ( if you have permissions) and watch the pet eyes close when it sleeps. Particle Zzz's will come out of the head.

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