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This is Part 8 - Modifying XS pets Troubot Robots in Second Life

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How to modify your Troubot Robot

If you wish to finalize your Troubot Robot and make it walk, sleep, and cheer for you with no further modifications, proceed to Step 9 - Animate your Pet Troubot Robot.

If you are going to modify your Troubot Robot in any way, ether with scripts, or with prims, now is the time to do it. Animation will prevent you from changing the NUMBER of prims.

I want to make my pet male or female with different shapes, what do I do?

You can  add female and male pets to the boxes and crate.  Each  sex can be unique.  Just put a pet of each type and change the names where indicated in ALL the scripts.

I want to make script changes, what do I do?

See the section below on how to recreate your pet.

If you are new to scripting, use WordPad.exe or Write.exe to edit your scripts. DO NOT use Notepad.exe (it is brain damaged about CR/LF) If you are a scripter, I highly recommend you use LSLEditor. Open the PRJ file in lslEditor.exe. You will see .PRJ and .SOL files and empty folders. These are a part of the LSLEditor.exe format and are used to compile and run code without being logged in to Second Life. If you are a scripter and are modifying these files, you should download a copy of the latest LSLEditor at SourceForge and compile your changes in them. LSLEditor detects many subtle differences between Open Sim and Second Life formats. It also spots many errors and issues warnings that lead to better code.

I want to remove the encryption

You can. Or you can just disable it with the global variable ENCRYPT= FALSE. But you don't need to disable the encryption. The debug script in the /Debug folder that I wrote can be placed into any old prim and it will show you the communications that is chatted, unencrypted.

If placed inside a pet or an object, it will also show you all link messages in plain text.

Will this work in OpenSm?

It works fin in Opensim 0.7.3, 0.7.4 and 0.7.5  Originally I had some problems with encryption, though Len Brown reports it works mostly fine there. He has issues with the clock, and had to restart his sim to get them to age properly.  But the latest versions work well in Opensim, Sim on a stick, OS Grid, and grid.

I want to make my own pet. How do I get it to assemble?

To recreate a new XS pet or to modify the scripts inside a Troubot Robot, you must do them in a certain sequence:

Rez the Homing Flag, Nut and Bolt, Nut and Bolt spaceship, and Transport UFO. DO NOT rez a Troubot Robot. It will die.

Instead, click the spaceship crate and unpack a Troubot Robot. If you want to keep a pet in your inventory, turn off the xs_brain script and take it back to inventory. You will be able to rez it, and start the script without damage.

Reset the scripts in the xs_brain.

Delete the "Nut and Bolt " and "Troubot" in the "XS Cryo-Crate" and "Transport UFO"

Modify any scripts you wish to modify. The pet must have certain scripts running or it will die and delete the scripts. If it dies, replace the scripts and reset the xs_brain script.

Update 08-15-2012 There is now a global variable to disable this check.

Take a copy of the "Nut and Bolt"

Put the copy inside the Spaceship and and the Transport UFO

Take a copy of the Troubot Robot

Put the copy inside the Spaceship and the Transport UFO

Rez the copied Nut and Bolt. It should change color.

Click the Nut and Bolt and package it.  Unpack it and hatch a new pet.

You may store the toolbox in your inventory and use it later to retrieve the Nut and Bolt.

The Nut and Bolt egg inside the toolbox is ready to be hatched.

Click the toolbox and unpack it. A Nut and Bolt will re-appear.

Click the Nut and Bolt and hatch it. A Troubot Robot will appear.

Touch the Troubot Robot for a menu.

Click the Package Option.

The Robot Spaceship will change to the pet colors and the Troubot Robot will disappear.

The Robot Spaceship will rename itself to "XS Cryo-Crate: Troubot"

You may store the crate in your inventory

Click the "XS Cryo-Crate" Spaceship

Click Unpack and your Troubot Robot will live again

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