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Blender notes for porting to Second Life and OpenSim

Setup Blender Defaults.

Open Blender and go to File-User Preferences.

User Preferences

Select the Interface Tab and uncheck "Show Splash" and check "Prompt Quit". This removes the annoying splash screen and also makes Blender prompt you to save your file before quitting.  I lost tons of work before I found this checkbox.

Prompt Quit

Select the Editing Tab and enable both Material and Texture Duplication.  Objects that you copy will now have the original texture and materials maps.


Select the Input tab.

If you are editing on a laptop that has no separate Numeric Keypad, click the Emulate Numpad button.

If you hate the right-left select-action Blender method, you can swap it for a more normal left-right select, right click action with the Select With button:

Input Select

Select the Blender  Addons tab.  Scn through this list and enable some of the more common file formats for Import-Export.

Useful ones are :

Import-Export: Autodesk 3DS
Import-Export: Autodesk FBX format
Import-Export: BioVision Motion Capture (BVH) format
Import-Export: Makehuman format
Import-Export: STL format
Import-Export: OBJ Format


Select the Themes tab

If you have difficulty seeing small things ( I do, as I have poor eyes ( and am cross-eyed, too, go figure I would like 3-D modeling yet connot see 3-D)), you should select a theme that helps you see.  The lighter themes are good on older LCD's that are not very bright.

Blender theme choices 

I also increase the size of the pixels for vertexes and face dots to make it easier for me to see:

Blender Theme increase sizes

Blender File Tab

You will need to enable "Auto Run Blender Scripts" to use the MakeHuman importer.

And you really want to show thumbnails for textures and enable thumbnails blend files.

Your name as creator will be inserted into the file too, so now is the time to fill it out.

Blender file tab


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