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Blender notes for porting to Second Life and OpenSim

There are many add ins for Blender. 


If you want to make Avatars or 4-legged critters, get Avastar from  It costs $27 and is worth every penny. 

Avastar supports the entire production chain starting from modeling, rigging, weighting, and character animations.  You can also use your own avatar shape:

In your viewer, go to Menu - Advanced - Character - Character Test - Appearance to XML

or Menu - Advanced - Enable Develop Menu
Menu - Develop - Avatar - Character Test - Appearance to XML
In Windows 7 - SL needs to be Run as Admin

Get from the game SL folder [your path]/SecondLifeViewer2/character/new_archetype.xml
You will be able to use this in Avastar as your shape.


The free MakeHuman modeler is okay and is both Blender and SL compatible, but the skins are not SL equivalent.   They can be used in character modeling, but there is a much wider choice of SL compatible skins and clothing for Avastar.  There is an add-in for MakeHuman that is enabled in Part 3 - Fixing Blenders broken settings.

Free stuff

You want it to be free and compatible?    Then get the default skeleton files here.  These work just like Avastar, and you can modify them and they should upload.  I prefer the Avastar plugin as it has many error checks and simple modifiers for facial expressions and foot settings. Shoes are some of the hardest things to get right, and Avastar makes it trivial to adapt the model and the to any SL shape.


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