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Hello, my new friend:

I really enjoyed taking you and your son and daughter around the Fire and Ice sim in the Outworldz today. He has his ridable dinosaur raptor now, and your daughter Gracie has a copy of our unicorn, "Gracie", for her to ride.
And yes! we both know who Gracie and George were! I think it's really sweet of you to name her that just so you can say "Goodnight, Gracie".

You Gracie is probably in bed by now. But I wanted to tell her the story about our horse and how she came to be named Gracie, too. It has some hints on places to go, too. Maybe you can read it to her tomorrow and show her these pictures? They get bigger if you click them.

best wishes to you and your family:

Fred and Debbie

A letter to Gracie

Dear Gracie:

Thank you very much for visiting us today with your brother and mom. The unicorn-horse I gave your mom today was for you. Gracie is her name, too, and she can be a horse, or a unicorn. Click her and look at the screen, and you can turn her into a unicorn. She was really made to be a unicorn.

Our Gracie really is named after the same person you are, and she is also made from pictures of a real, live horse, also named Gracie. Gracie lives at a very nice horse-riding stable at the very last turn before I get to work. I have been driving that road to work for many years now, for almost 30 years. Yes, I know, that's a very long time. It's the same thing, every day. But one day I saw something different. It happened right about when when you were born.

Gracie getting grass

I noticed this absolutely gorgeous horse trying to reach over the fence to get a fresh blade of grass. She almost reached the street, right where I turn at a red light:

I was in my car then, but I could almost reach out and touch her. A few days later, I saw her do it again. Every so often, there she was. Some days I could not see her. But when I did see her, she really stood out. She was so pretty! Sometimes I would see little girls riding her, and some days she would be in a park across the street, or eating a bucket of sweet oats, or running and playing with the other horses around the corral.

I mentioned this to Debbie, my partner in all worlds we have created. We were busy learning "Blue Magic" around the same time you were born. (Blue magic is the good kind).

We lived in the land of Phaze Demesnes. It's pronounced Deh-means, and it means "a domain where magic really works".

Phaze Demesnes

There was an underwater "Translucent Demesnes" right in the middle, almost surrounded by Unicorn Island, and a dusty, domed land filled with scientific technology named "Proton", plus a Fairy land, a Dragon Island, and our castle.

This is "Blue", our blue whale, who guardied the Translucent Demesnes from red magic. He swam around the island and you could ride him, too. He still lives (a blue whale can live for many years), in another area of our world in a land called "MotherGoose". You can ride him, too,when you find him. He is near where your brother got the giant dinosaur, near some lovely waterfalls, with his son.

Translucent Demesnes

I was the Blue Adept back then, a great magician, perhaps the greatest of all the Adept magicians, as Blue magic is obviously better than all other magic. Certainly much better than lowly red magic.

Debbie, my partner here, is also my Lady Blue, and a friend of all animals. She is also an Adept, as she has powerful magic and can heal any sick animal, just like a veterinarian does in our world.

This is her, on our wedding day. She is taking the time to heal some sick animals while on our honeymoon.. This was us, still together many years later.

Lady Blue and the Blue Adept

While you were growing up, we lived in the Castle Blue. It was across the white bridge you see below, across the lagoon inside Unicorn Island.

Unicorn Island

I spent many happy years there making and giving away all kinds of birds and animals, and the Lady Blue would heal and coax them into living.

She decorated the Castle very beautifully, too, though sometimes it would tilt a little bit and I would have to straighten it out again.

Castle Blue inside Casle Blue Inside

She even hung a painting of the Blue Adept and the Lady Blue riding on unicorns, just like Gracie.

We were married there, too. Here she is in her wedding dress on Unicorn Island, being guarded by one of my dragons. We had to always be on guard against the Red adepts.

Lady Blue in her Wedding Dress

Sadly, our Unicorn Demesnes had no unicorns to ride. Unicorns didn't exist back then.

Well, I am wandering.. where was I? Oh ! I mentioned this wonderful horse to the Lady Blue. Debbie always has the most wonderful ideas. She said we simply had to have unicorns on Unicorn Island! And since Debbie's magic can heal any animal, her unicorns would have magic healing ability, too. If the horn touches you hard, it can kill. They could protect the land of Phaze when we were away. But if their horn touches you gently, it can heal anything!

So I stopped by the very next morning and took more pictures of that beautiful horse. I saw that she can cross safely under the bridge, and into the park.

Gracie the horse

Huh. This is odd. I never noticed until right now that there was a sort of, kind of, maybe possibly of a bit of unicorn horn in this picture, too.

Anyway, it took Debbie and me nearly two years to make our baby unicorn grow up in our magic land. About the time you went to first grade, both of our Blue magic abilities finally came together and we finally had "Gracie", the fantasy equine of Phaze Demesnes.

And we named her after the same lady you were named for, Gracie Allen. This is one of the very first pictures of our Gracie and the Lady Blue getting ready to ride.  And I could put armor on her to keep away Red magic!

Gracie the horse, and the Lady Blue   War horse

So we finally had unicorns! Debbie insisted I had to teach Gracie how to swim so she could leave the Unicorn Island. We did. And she can go anywhere now.  You should learn to swim, too.

Unicorns in Phaze Demesnes

Then one day, the Lady Blue had another good idea. (She has all of them, actually) So we took a bunch of pictures of Gracie.

The very next day, on my way into work I parked next to this door at the riding stable. The owner was sitting in this itty-bitty office. It was very neat, unlike Han and his room in the Castle Blue.

Stable door

I knocked, said hello, and told her we had made a horse she might want to know about. I showed her the pictures, and told her how our unicorn was making thousands of people happy.

She told me her real life name really was Gracie! And that Gracie was the owners personal horse, and she was a champion! And she gave me this picture:

Champion horse

I also learned that Gracie doesn't compete any more. She is happily retired now, is enjoying her time off, and loves the extra oats she gets. Every day, she lets little girls like you come each day to groom and feed her and ride her and other horses to the park, across the corral, across the street, under the bridge.

Her friend

Oh! remind me to tell you the next time we meet about the bridge we live under now. As you saw, I am just a troll now. But I still have the book of Blue magic with me! Debbie is also a troll now, and a pretty one, too! She carries the book of Red& magic with her everywhere she goes. So we are safe now, and we are well protected and hidden from Adverse Adepts and their red magic.


 I bet you would like to visit the land of the Phaze Demesnes, too.  So would Debbie and me.   I really must tell you why we are trolls now.  You see, the Blue Adept and the Lady Blue lived together in the Phaze Demesnes for a very long time, until you are almost as old as you are now. Debbie, Gracie, and me, all of us together defended the Castle Blue from Red magic while you were busy growing up.

Unfortunately, one day the Red Adepts discovered a tree made of magical reverse wood on one of the islands. While we were away sleeping, they used a splinter of that wood to reverse the Blue Magic that defended our castle, and sadly, it was destroyed. We had to flee the land of Phaze Demesnes.

Red Adept

But we were okay! And we still had Gracie with us. We found our way to the Opensim Dreamworld. That's the same world your mom downloaded for you to learn and play on. And we both live where you came today, in the Outworldz. Down the rabbit hole, next to the shop, at the bottom of the tall tower, under the bridge. We hide there like all good trolls do.

Gracie, I hope you enjoy riding our Gracie, and please, do visit the new Castle Blue and our other worlds again. Debbie had another idea a while back - a land called Virunga, and I know you will really like it. It has ridable elephants and tigers in it and many other animals live there, too. I am sure your brother will like the jeeps and the airplane there.

And don't worry about that old Red Adept magic. Debbie has their book now. And as you and your brother saw today, we have huge dragons to defend the new Castle Blue when we are away. But when you visit, please be careful near the front door - there is a big snow monster outside, down past where the Lady Blue is in this picture. I think you have seen it before, maybe in a movie? It keeps the Red Adepts away, even when the dragons are sleeping.

Castlr Blue Stairs

Anyway, please come as often as you like. You mom said you like to collect things. Please, collect everything you can. Most of our stuff is copyable.  Perhaps a bit of Blue magic may rub off on you in your visits, and maybe you will grow some day to be a healer, like my Debbie is. Like a veterinarian, and heal animals with your touch, too.

Our Best Regards:

Fred & Debbie

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