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Here is a little information on Phaze Demesnes in the Piers Anthony novel Split Infinity as interpreted in Second Life.

Phaze is a lush and verdant world. Besides humans, it is also populated by several species common to the fantasy genre such as unicorns, werewolves, vampires, trolls, and animalheads -- humans with beast-heads. As in classic fantasy fiction, magic is a daily part of life in Phaze. It is powered by Phazite, the same substance as Protonite on the other side of the curtain.

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The ViIllage of the little people
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Phaze is a luscious green healthy planet with clean pure air and 3 moons. Magic operates in Phaze instead of science. Mining of the mineral Phazite charges the magic and allows spells to be made. Just as magic does not work in Proton, advanced technology does not operate in Phaze.

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Elven Glen

The intelligent inhabitants of Phaze are both human andanimal forms, including elves, unicorns, werewolves, fairies, vampires, and trolls. Many of the inhabitants can change shape or form. All inhabitants' posses a small level of magic. The exceptions are the Adepts, all extremely powerful wizards, each with his or her own special mode of magic use, and their own land, called a Demesnes.

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A village in Phaze

The Adverse Adepts are trying to seize power in Phaze. The most powerful of all the Adepts, the Blue Adept, has been strangled by a magic amulet, and his soul is lost in Phaze. His wife, the Lady Blue, protects his Demesnes in his absence, with help from her special animal friends and the inanimate golems provided to her by the Brown Adept.

Just as magic does not work in Proton, advanced technology does not operate in Phaze. For instance, when one of Proton's self-willed robots crossed the curtain into Phaze, she became inert until returned to her home dimension. Later, the same robot was magically made into a golem, allowing her to operate in both worlds, using electrical power in Proton, and magical power in Phaze.

Most humans in Phaze are able to do some minor magic but are not magicians by trade. The exceptions are the Adepts, extremely powerful wizards, each with his or her own special mode of magic use. Most of the Adepts in Phaze are named after colors; for instance, the Brown Adept makes and animates golems while the White Adept performs magic by drawing sigils in the ground. Not only are Adepts able to achieve almost anything through their magic, only they are powerful enough to magically affect resistant creatures such as unicorns and animalheads. As a rule, Adepts cannot harm or otherwise affect another Adept through magic for very long; however, a group of them working in concert can usually overpower a lone Adept. Each spell an Adept uses can only be worked once by that Adept, though countless variations can be created.

Unicorns in the Apprentice Adept series are somewhat different from those traditionally described in fantasy. First, Phaze's unicorns are as intelligent as humans. Also, they are not colored in blacks and greys like horses but rather in more dramatic colors. For instance, one unicorn character, Clip, is a blue stallion with red "socks," that is, ankles. In addition to their coloring, unicorns with socks can actually remove them. If humans don them, the socks cast the illusion that the human is in fact a unicorn of the sock color. Furthermore, unicorns in Phaze are shapeshifters; most can learn two other forms. If a unicorn learns to shift into a hawk, he can fly in that form; if a human, he can speak. Finally, unicorns in the series have hollow horns which they use as musical instruments. Each unicorn character described in the books has a distinct instrument. For instance, Clip's horn sounds like a saxophone, while his sister Neysa's horn makes harmonica sounds.

wpe3F.jpg (156017 bytes)

Neysa, Dam of Fleta

One final, important feature of Phaze is the Oracle. Although the actual Oracle is hidden from sight for reasons explained later in the series, it is accessible through a speaking tube. The Oracle will answer any querent a single question. But like the original Oracle at Delphi, the pronouncements of Phaze's Oracle are usually cryptic and self-fulfilling.

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