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Non Player Characters in Opensim

I've spent a lot of time (years) orking on various Non-Player Character (NPC) scripts. Our sims use several dozen NPCs at any moment.  NPC's  are great for populating your sim with interesting characters, animals, and game players, like these animals from our Virunga Africa simulation.

Quiet day in Virunga
NPC Zebras in Opensim


I use this Kitteh Kat script, which runs a pair of kitties from a food bowl.  There is a complete set of scripts, both pets, textures and in the script library. But first, you have to read this gobbley gook:


This very handy All-In-One NPC controller script has an easy to use menu system that lets you walk, run, and fly avatars around in almost any scenario:

NPC Fish

NPC's are not limited to just people, or pets.  This is a free NPC shark. It bends and flexes and attacks anyone who gets near.

Final Image



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