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Fly any of these dragons for free!

These scale dragons can perch on your arm, follow you, free-fly and catch cows and sheep with their claws. You can ride them in the Phaze-Dragons sim.

Rideable Dragon

After you arrive, just choose an egg and follow the instructions that are chatted to you:
Water Dragon Egg     Fire Dragon Egg
Earth Dragon Egg   Fire Dragon Egg  

As you go deeper into the mountain you will pass many other creatures, such as the rock golem ...

Rock Golem

.. or your might run into Gloha, the pretty harpy. Gloha needs a mate, as there appear to be no handsome male Harpies anywhere. Perhaps you can help her find one?

Gloha Harpy


You've seen a ship that's crewed by the damned and captained by a man so evil that Hell itself spat him back out?   Come find it.  Travellers may need to swim around this ship in the icy water, then climb back onboard, just to catch their breath.  in the sim Phaze Dragons, somewhere out on the ice.



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