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How to make a fish swim in Second Life™

The techniques I am going to show you will be useful in many other projects. For example, these whale scripts can be easily modified to make a tour guide boat, a flying bird, or an animal that walks. I'll show you how to use a program to make a program, that when run by yet another program, makes animating complex objects simple. All you have to do is move things, and click. Then drop the notecard it makes into your object and it can walk, swim, or fly.

ride the whale

I'll also show you how to combine a the movement scripts with special effects, such as a water splash, a spout, and how to control external gadgets such as raising a bridge or playing music or a spoken message to your rider.

You can get the scripts for the whale from my Second Life Script Repository. Remember to click the download link. The Scripts to animate the fins and tail are in a separate posting.

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