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Rebuilding a Mysql Database


There are times when you may want to start completely over with MySQL. Some reasosn may be to fix issues, or to update to another revision. There are several steps yu must take to make a backup of the system, and then you can restore it to a fresh blank database

Step 1 - Make a Backup

The Dreamgrid program has backup utility. Start Dreamgrid and click Ctrl-B, or Navigate to Content->Database Backup and Restore:

MySql Database Backup


The system will open a DOS prompt and back up your regions and both Robust and Opensim region databases to Outworldzfiles\Autobackup folders.  This can take a LONG TIME!

Look in that folder and make sure you have both files. These two are only 2K as it is a blank database.

MyqlDump backups


Step 3 - Stop Mysql and move the Data folder

First, exit Dreamgrid.   This will stop Mysql. 

Navigate to Outworldzfiles\Mysql\

Rename the data folder to data.bak


Step 4 - Create a new, blank database

Download this zip file:

Extract it to the Outworldzfiles\Mysql\data.

Data folder restored

Step 5 - Start the database

Navigate to mysql\bin.   Once there, click on StartManually.bat to run it. You should get a DOS window that is running MySql.  This window should not exit.

Go back to the folder view of mysql\bin.  Right click the blank area next to the file list and press and hold the shift key. Select Open PowerShell Window Here, or Open Command Prompt here:


A dos box will appear. Type this:


You should get a mysql prompt:

Mysql Prompt

Step 6 - Restore your grid

Type into the MySQL window:

mysql -u root <  

Then drag and drop the opensim.sql file onto the dos prompt:

Drag and Drop

This will take some time.  When it finishes, repeat for the other file.

You may now start your grid up.

Log in and make sure your database is okay.   Then you can delete the mysql\data.bak folder.


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