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Outworldz Opensim Shoutcast Server

The Outworldz Shoutcast system is a free and easy to use music broadcaster that sends music or voice to your simulators. It is free.

You can use any streamable music player with this Shoutcast server.  These instructions show how to configure Winamp to stream music.

Setup Shoutcast

Click the Settings menu for Shoutcast to set this up.   The Setup screen will open:

Shoucast Setup 

Enable: The Shoutcast server will run when you run your system,if this is checked.

Show Status: The Shoutcast DOS box will appear if checked. If unchecked the box will be minimized.

Shoutcast Server Running 

Port: The default is Port 8000. You must open and forward this port to your server for people outside your LAN to hear your stream

Admin Password:  Shoutcast has a web page that any user with this password can administer.

Password:  You need to know this password to send a music stream to the Shoutcast Server

Control View and Listen Button will let you manage your Shoutcast Stream when it is running.

Winamp Setup

You can use many different music or microphone players to stream music to your system. These instructions are for the popular Winamp player.

First, download and install Winamp.  

Then download and install the Shoutcast DSP

Run Winamp.  You should see a screen like this:

Winamp Full screen

Navigate to the Options -> Preferences screen

Preferences Screen
Click image for larger size

Scroll to the DSP/Effect section on the left side:

Click image for larger size

Double click the Shoutcast DSP on the right side to get the DSP setup screen.

DSP Screen 1

Server Address: Enter 'localhost' for the Server Address.  If you wish to run Winamp on a different machine, use the Server LAN address. 

Password: Choose the same password as you used in the Dreamgrid's password field (not the Admin password).

Port: Also enter the same port you used in the Dreamgrid setup screen.  The default is 8000.   If you want others to hear this stream from outside your network, remember to either forward the port or enable the UPNP setting and restart your server.

You can configure more of the screens, but they are not required.

Click [Auto Connect] and make certain you see it connect to your Shoutcast server.

Shoutcast Control Panel

Click the Shoutcast [Control, View and Listen] Button to view your Shoutcast web page. 

Control Shoutcast button

It should open a web page that looks like this when there is no stream playing.

Go find some music in Winamp and press "Play".

The screen should now change to show it is up

Playing music

Administering Shoutcast

Clicking the Admin Login button at the upper right will require a password. 
The userid is "admin".
Enter the Admin Password you created when you set up Shoutcast in the DreamGrid.

Shoucast Admin

You can administer ban lists, view logs, and do other maintenance tasks here.

Setting up your In-world radio

You can use any radio script to set your radio onto the land. An easy way is to navigate to the About Land tab and enter the URL into the Sound Tab. For more information see

Now enable the media to play in your viewers Sound & Media tab.

Image result for firestorm sound setting Screen

For more details, please see

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