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Outworldz Opensim One-Click Hypergrid for Windows

The Outworldz One-Click Hypergrid is a Microsoft Windows-compatible virtual reality Opensimulator system that is easy to install, easy to run, and powerful. It it free and is open source.


Usually you can just run the Help-Network Diagnostics and it will tell you what to do. But you may want to troubleshoot manually.

Adding more regions (Sims)

It is easy to add or change regions.  Each region has a control panel.  Click the Advanced Button in the menu and open the Advanced screen. Then click "Add Region" or "Configure Regions".

Region Panel


A menu will appear. Enter the name of your new region and click "Save".

Var Grid sizes

The region size can be anything from 256 X 256 to 1024 X 1024, or higher. Huge region sizes such as 4096 X 4096 can be used, for flying or car racing.  If you go over 8192 X 8192, you can expect it to be slow as the land size gets very very large and laggy, exponentially.


Always use a square sim size.

Never put a different sizes of sim right next to each other

Use multiples of 256 - 256X256, 512X512, and so on.

Don't change the UUID unless you want to start over. Altering the UUID will force the system to create a new, blank region the next time it is started, and you will be forced to move your region to another spot.

Auto Backup

Autobackup Opensim The sim must be continually on for automatic backups to operate. Files that are older than "Keep for Days" number will be deleted. The OAR files will be placed in the \OutworldzFiles\AutoBackup folder.

Click this Save To Folder field and it will let you select another folder - and you can use a \\network type folder.

Grid Gods

Grid Gods  Grid god mode allows certain users to take and control permissions over objects. Permissions must be asked for in your viewer's Advanced menu. God mode is a useful function. However, making copies of items that are no copy or no transfer and giving them to others could be illegal. Please remember that copyright laws for your country need to be respected.


Map Settings

Opensim has many different maps settings. I've set up 4 easy to use combinations.

Be aware it can take a very long time to boot when using the slower, more pretty maps.

Physics Engine

Physics Selection The Opensimulator Physics selection box lets you use no physics, or very basic physics, where the only collidable object is a box shape. It supports the original Open Dynamic Engine physics. The ubODE engine, by Ubit Umarov, is an advanced version of ODE that is closer to Second Life compatibilty with vehicles, but is only available in Version 0.9.0.  Bulletsim is an award winning physics engine.   Running Bullet in a separate thread is the default.

Chat and Wallpaper Settings

Chat and Personality Settings

This setting controls the speed of the chat text on the main screen. The wallpaper cycle time defaults to one minute, and can be disabled by setting the number to 0. You can also click the screen to advance through the settings.

All images are unretouched screen grabs from Open Sim and Second Life.

Don't like Dragons? The viewer splash screen can be set to any web site

Grid Settings

Grid SettingsYou can enter any name, such as AnyNameYouWant.Outworldz.Net and you will have a free dynamic DNS name rhat works anywhere in the world for people to use to get to your grid.  If you already have a DNS name from another Dynamic DNS vendor, you may enter it here. This will be your grids main address. If left blank, the system will use the local LAN address and Hypergrid will not be available.


Port The UPnP checkbox will enable a Universal Plug and Play that will automatically open ports.   This does not always work, so you may have to Port Forward the ports shown here.

Diagnostic Port: (Default: 8001) The program starts a TCP/IP listener on this port for diagnosis before Opensims starts. A TCP socket connection from is triggered by HTTP. If this inward-facing probe succeeds, the diagnostic passes. No personal data is sent, and it is not possible for anyone to retrieve any data from the diagnostic port. This checks to see if the firewall and your router are properly set up.

Public Port: (Default: 8002) The simulator and services such as Wifi use this port. It must be open to the internet for Hypergrid to work. The program locally probes this port to detect if Opensim is starting.

Private Port: (Default: 8003) There are also a set of private services (asset, inventory, etc.). By default, these run on port 8003 (TCP only) and it should not be made accessible to viewers. Port 8003 should only be accessible to the machines which are being used to run the grid. DO NOT OPEN THIS PORT ON YOUR FIREWALL.


This work would not be possible without all the thousands of contributions of the Opensim community.

I am especially grateful to the marvelous Diva Canto, aka Dr. Crista Lopez, of the University of California.

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