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Port Forwarding

The Outworldz program uses Universal Plug and Play (uPnP) to automatically allow data to come from the Internet to your computer. This is called "Port Forwarding".   uPnP capability may be disabled in your router, or it may not support it.

Do you have Plug and Play (uPnP) issues? The help menu has a useful tool to look at uPnP in your router:

Free Upnp (Universal Plug and Play) Tool for Windows

You can add, delete and modify the settings without a password, assuming you have uPnP enabled. This is included in Dreamworld and Dreamgrid in the Help menu.

Port forwarding is necessary in this application if you want to be able to access the Hypergrid. If your router does not support it, you can access your routers firewall menu and add port forwarding.

Here is a list of routers and how to program Port Forwarding.   Additonal Information on Port Forwarding can be found at

Please note that if you are using consumer network hardware, you will also need a router that supports NAT loopback. See Loopback if you want give both LAN and external users access.


Click the Advanced button to see which ports you are using. The defaults are 8001 (Diagnostic), 8002 (Public) , and 8004 (Region).  If you have manually added more regions, their region ports also needs to be open.

So always Port Forward the Diagnostic (8001), Public (8002), and Region (8004) ports to the LAN address of this machine on both UDP and TCP.

Please do not port forward any other port in order to be secure.


When you first start the system, the software should automatically prompt you to open the Diagnostic (8001), Public (8002), and Region (8004) ports in the firewall. These must be open for both UDP and TCP. 

If it still fails after the above steps, temporarily turn off the firewall on the PC and try again. if it works, both ports need to be opened in your PC's firewall and the firewall should be re-enabled.

I mention this because one user was wondering why he could not log in. They sent me a video of the entire process of installing it, and clicked every firewall prompt to open each port to NO. :-( :-0


Usually you can just run the Help-Network Diagnostics. And you may want to troubleshoot manually.

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