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Migration from Dreamworld to Dreamgrid

If you are running a OsGrid, Metropolis, Dreamworld, Sim-on-a-stick, or other Opensim already, you will need to migrate your data. Moving from a standalone Dreamworld to a full grid Dreamgrid requires you do it "by hand". The Dreamworld database is not compatible with Dreamgrid. But the data can still be moved.  You will need to make OARS, IARS, and gather the UUID about your avatar, and potentially others, before you shut down your Standalone system.

I would not delete Dreamworld.  Tou can always start it again and make a new backup in case something goes wrong.

Moving your User(s)

Go get your avatar UUID. You can get this from the viewer in your profile or by adding this simple script to a prim:

default {
	state_entry() {
	    llSay(0,(string) llGetOwner());
Running this script will print out a set of digits that looks like this:

Copy and paste your UUID into Notepad or somewhere else where it is safe as you will need it later. If you have other avatars on your sim, you will need to get their UUID, too.

If you had more than your mastar avatar account, you will need to create those users again in Dreamgrid.  Users accounts are easily created in the Robust console.

The commands are:

create user(enter)
UUID:  Robust gives you a random UUID . Paste your old UUID here(enter)
Email  Handy to have, but optional
Model  (enter)

Repeat for as many users as you have.

Make Backups

You will need to make OARS, IARS before you shut down your Standalone system.

You can use the menu Content->Backup_Restore-> All Regions=> OARs or save an individual OAR. They will be saved in Outworldzfiles/AutoBackup Save All Oars

Export your Inventory with Content->Backup_Restore->Save Inventory IAR.   If you have more accounts, also save the inventories for them, too.  If you have many items in your inventory the backup will take long. Grab a coffee, watch a video, wait for it to finish, as you will really need it. Without it you will have no friends and ownership of your data becomes an issue.

Loading OAR & IAR files

Region files

There will be anywhere from one to many Region.INI files in your old system. You can recreate them one at a time and reload the OAR files, or you can move them.

To move INI files, start Dreamgrid and open the Regions control Panel:

DreamGrid Region Control Panel

Use the windows explorer and navigate to you original Dreamworld location on your disk.    Look in Outworldsfiles\Opensim\bin\Regions.   If you are running 0.9.0, look in Outworldsfiles\Opensim-0.9\bin\Regions.   Left click each region, one at a time, and drag and drop it onto the Regions panel.

Drag and Drop Regions 

If you answer Yes, a Chooser dialog will appear, and you may chose with region you want to combine your new region with. This places both regions into a single DOS box. If you answer No, you will get a different DOS box when this region starts.

You should limit the number of DOS boxes by comining your regions into logical groups.   A typical system will run 4 to 8 such groups.  You can run more, but you will pay a penalty in RAM use for each box.  


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