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[Table of Contents]

Get the Shark zip file and extract it

Step 1:

 Upload the Shark.DAE file. I used the lowest physics, and you must set the avatar check boxes and set the height to 0.0 meters.

GShark Upload

Step 2:

Rez the shark on thye ground.  Now upload the 3 textures and add them to the shark while it is rezzed on the ground:

Add textures

Step 3:

Wear the shark

Take the shark and put it into a folder by itself. Then right click the FOLDER and select Replace Current Outfit:

Replace outfit

You should appear as a crinkled up shark:

As you first appear

Step 4:

Create an alpha.  Go into edit appearance and make a new Alpha Layer. 

In Firestorm, you click the Gear at the bottom, and select New Clothes and New Alpha.

This screen grab is shown using Firestorm:


Check all of the boxes to make your avatar invisible:

Alpha Layers

Save as "Shark Alpha"


Make a new shape.   Click the Gear again, and Select New Shape.

You want the default settings everywhere.  If you want to be a Land Shark, edit the Hover under Body to raise yourself up slightly.

Save as "Shark Shape".


You must upload the FishSwimSlow and FishStand Animation using "Bulk Upload".

Once you have uploaded it, play the animation and your shark should look like a normal, swimming shark.

Make the Fish Controller:

I made a small ball and painted it green.   I named it "Great White Fish Follower"

 Put the script, FishSwimSlow , FishStand Animation in it. The name should appear in Hover text.

Shark appears

Get out of edit mode and touch the sphere:

A menu will appear:


Touch the "-' minus sign.  This will record your appearance and create a Appearance notecard inside the ball.

Start the Shark

First. make sure the pose ball and you are both underwater.  The shark is scripted to only swim underwater.

Now click the 'Start' menu item. A Great White Shark should appear and start to swim.  

You must be underwater for the shark to move.  You just be within range for it to appear.

The contoller ball will disappear in a few seconds.  To find it again, press Ctrl-Alt-T. nYou can click it to select Stop or Start.

Final Image