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How to Log in to Outworldz

Outworldz is on the Opensim Hypergrid. We offer direct logins at, and you can get to us for free via any Opensim provider that supports hypergrid, such as Metropolis or CraftWorld.

Any other hypergrid-enabled grid will also work. You can also start out on your own hypergrid-enabled standalone grid or any other hypergrid-enabled grid.

How to get to Outworldz

Our address is Yu can create an account there. You can also log into any Opensim grid, paste into the Map Search function, then click Teleport. The link will take you to our welcome area, which has signs to take you to each sim.

Depending upon your viewer, you may be able to use these links:


HG V3 has more information on connecting to Opensimulater.

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