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Our work and play in Opensim

We have dozens of sims in Opensimulator. They range from simple play areas upward- the largest being a 96-region cluster with a fairy tale theme.

NPCs's - Non Player Characters

I love NPCs in Opensim. They are incredibly useful - as actors in a play, bartenders, guides, and chat bots. This is a NPC machinima made using the All In-On script.


Phaze Dragons and Skeletons  Game

This sim uses ridable NPC characters in a Fantasy world of the Castle Blue Ice and the Lava-hot underground world of dragon flight.,

There be dragons and fair ladies

Dragon Flight

Virunga - a virtual African safari

Virumga  is a large model of Africa.

Virunga Apes

VIllageCheesits, the cops are here

Momnkey business

Virunga Lodge

Yo Frankie - a playable game of cows, sheep and rams. 

Yo Frankie Blender game


Desert Level 1

MotherGoose - we've opened the book of magic and fantasy spills out

Mother Goose ittle old lady who lives in a shoe

Bliue Whale

Dinotopia - a fantasy world where dinosaurs and humans co-exist

Donotopia Dinotopia

Egypt - Cleopatra lived and dies here



HyperGrid Stories

Only love matters.  It should be that simple.  It never is.

Hypergrid Stories is a collaborative work by a lot of people on the Nook grid - I've been scripting on the NPC animals and making beds fly in several regions. HG three and HG nine were my work.

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