This is a test page to try to isolate and fix a bug in Opensim. You followed a link to a new page and a rebuilt domain to explain why you got here and what the test is about.


"Hello -

My name is Gemini Fullmoon. It has come to my attention that there are several items circulating the Hypergrid with the creator name of..."Gemini.Fullmoon"


There is a system glitch in opensim due to the way sim-on-a-stick (SOAS) is set up.

EVERYONE who downloads and runs SOAS on their personal computer is assigned the following static information:

Avatar Name: simona stick
Avatar UUID: 26ecc3a5-9243-470e-b8d9-4afcacdecf58
Grid Name: simonastick
Grid Address:

On my PC I changed the Avatar Name from ‘simona stick’ to ‘Gemini Fullmoon’ but kept the same UUID…which is common. SOAS wasn’t designed for Hypergridding…it’s supposed to be a standalone Region on your computer. That’s why it’s not a big deal if everyone has the EXACT SAME UUID.

However, last summer I found a write up of how to Hypergrid in/out of SOAS…it was a big pain in the butt with port forwarding and all that but of course I HAD to try it! LOL In order for it to work I had to create the DNS ‘’ to point to my PC. Then Gemini Fullmoon hypergridded into Kitely! It was pretty kool at the time I have to say. Once I figured out how to do it I quickly lost interest and pretty much stopped playing with SOAS.

I also hypergridded to Metropolis and possibly OsGrid. When I did that I CLAIMED the standard UUID above for "Gemini.Fullmoon"!

So now if anyone is using SOAS and attaches themselves to Metropolis or OsGrid their Avatar will have the standard UUID above BUT WITH MY NAME of "Gemini.Fullmoon"

Unfortunately I fear some of those items may be copybotted and there really isn't much I can do about it. Sometimes if you clear your inventory cache and relog it will temporarily show the REAL creators name.

NOTE: I have an alt named Alex Reese99 who also has this problem.

Thank you for your time