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About me

AvatarUsually a small tough guy.
My Home Phaze Demesnes
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Real Life Fred K. Beckhusen, President, Micro Technology Services, Inc.
Skills Microcomputer and microprocessor hardware design and programming
Languages My software work is primarily in C and its variants C++ and C#, with lots of perl, lsl script, Visual Basic, 3-D modeling in Solidworks, and lots of other languages and tools I'd rather forget, dating all the way back to the early 1970's. My first computer was the Rockwell Autonetics Recomp-II, a 1K word, 40-bit drum-memory military computer. I took it apart, rebuild it, and wrote John Conways "Game of Life" for it, from careful study of the Mathematical Games column in Scientific American. I still read and love Scientific American, which first published the rules for the game of Life in 1970. Yeah, I know. It dates me.
Hobbies Programming, reading mass quantities of anything, sci-fi, and more programming.

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